Company profile

PRISMA is an independent consultancy specialising in the areas of local and regional development, the labour market, public and social sector management, planning and research, as well as in the evaluation and management of development programmes and projects. Its research work covers the areas of human resources, social policy and culture. PRISMA was founded in 1990 by two experienced social scientists, Dr. F. Papageorgiou and Dr.N. Varelidis with cross-national European experience who are its partners and directors. It undertakes research and consulting throughout Greece and has strong links with other consultancies and research institutions throughout Europe with whom it undertakes joint development projects, comparative studies and evaluation work at European level.

PRISMA’s staff has diverse academic backgrounds which include local and regional planning, GIS, engineering, economics, sociology, political science, business administration, public management, marketing, tourism, computing and operational research. At present, PRISMA employs 21 staff, which includes 11 full time members of scientific staff, 7 scientific associates and 3 administrative staff. In addition to its resident staff, PRISMA has a very wide network of external consultants and organisations in Greece and across Europe, with whom it collaborates on a project basis.

PRISMA’s approach to research and consulting puts particular emphasis on policy recommendations and management implications and is targeted towards concrete and practical objectives. This is achieved through the close collaboration between the company staff and the staff of the organisations PRISMA collaborates with or works for, and the long-standing experience and knowledge of the way the organisations of the public and the social sector operate. PRISMA adopts the multidisciplinary approach and offers consulting and research services in a wide range of fields

Fields of research and consultancy services:

  1. Evaluation
    • Evaluation studies at European level
    • Evaluation studies at national level
  2. Development planning
    • Local development
    • Urban & regional planning
    • Environmental planning
  3. Social policy
    • Social inclusion
    • Human resources - labour market
  4. Culture - Tourism
    • Culture
    • Tourism
  5. Management - Innovation
    • Programme management
    • Public sector management
    • Information Society
    • Small & Medium Enterprises

PRISMA is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and SESMA, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms. PRISMA is also a founding member of the European Academy for Sustainable Rural Development – “EURACADEMY Association”, a European NGO whose membership includes academic and consulting institutions, social partners and public organisations, and individuals, representing most of the member states of the European Union (


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