Premises & Equipment

PRISMA is located at its own premises in 17 Empedocleous Street, Pangrati, Athens, in a listed 3-storey building with a total office area of 450 sq.m.

ICT facilities in PRISMA include:

  • a Local Area Network -LAN (Fast Ethernet), with
    • three 100Mbit routers
    • a network server,
    • an oversize A0 digitizer,
    • 5 printers A4/Α3 HP and EPSON,
    • an HP colour plotter A0,
    • a scanner EPSON A4,
    • a photocopying machine XEROX 440
    • an ADSL modem/router
    • Internet connection at 1024/256 Kbps
    • a dedicated remote Windows 2003 Internet Server hosting a variety of applications and web sites.
  • 15 work stations, equipped with Windows XP and the following software applications:
    • Microsoft Office,
    • SPSS
    • PC ARC/INFO,
    • ArcView GIS 3.2a,
    • ArcGIS 8.3,
    • Autodesk Architectural Desktop.

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