Games-based learning

A guidance and familiarisation tool has been developed, addressing potential e-learners, but also present or past ones, with an aim to help non-expert individuals decide what kind of e-learning they need and how/where from to obtain it. This friendly and easy to run tool is available on DVD and online in the project’s website. It is a games-based-learning (GBL) application, helping users to identify their learning needs and then to select the providers and courses that suit them best.  The GBL tool is provided in several languages and can be accessed from this website

The tool is linked to the e-learning providers databank in this website, guiding the users to e-learning  and demonstrating to them how they can search for suitable e-learning courses and how to evaluate them against their needs.

The GBL tool is produced in English and soon translated by partners to their languages, and is freely available to lifelong learning providers and to the general public. The content of the tool is based on the results of the EUROVALIDATION project, which developed the “Learning Pathway Tool”, a counseling technique for identifying learning needs and guiding the candidate to suitable learning options ( ). The tool has the format of a “serious game” to make it more attractive to users, even those with the minimum computer experience.

A Help Desk for the guidance tool users has been created on-line and can be accessed by following this link. For posting a question please create an account first.